Bundle of 5 Happy Day Face Covers (black straps)

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Bundle of 5 Happy Day Face Covers (black straps)


reusable + reversible + filter pocket + comfort ties + one size

**Before wearing face cover, machine wash (with detergent) and dry. Some fabric shrinking is expected.**

SIZE: one size, fits most adults. After the initial wash/dry, mask dimensions are approximately 8x3.25" comfortably expanding pleats to 8"x7"

FILTER: this mask has a filter pocket for the option of inserting a filter. Disposable "blue shop cloth" filters are also available here with your face cover purchase.

DETAILS:  this is a bundle of 5 assorted face covers, styles as shown. This face covering made from two layers of high thread-count, tight weave, "quilt shop" quality 100% cotton fabric. The face cover attaches with four ties made from a cotton/poly blend fabric. The ties are comfortably stretchy and easy to tie and untie. 

After wearing face covering, use care when removing it from your face so you don't touch the outward side. Pull cover out from your chin and up over your head. Then place the face cover in a bag. Wash your hands before and after touching the face cover. Wash cover and wear again. Repeat.

STRAPS: Wash and dry face covering before trying it on. The straps are 18" long, and are designed to be accommodating to multiple wearing options for comfort and fit. 

  • Option 1: tie straps behind your neck and behind the back of head, untie before washing and re-tie for next wear — or tightly knot the straps and cut the straps to permanently keep them that length.
  • Option 2: tie straps behind your ears, untying before washing and re-tying at next wear — or tightly knot and cut the straps to permanently keep them that length.


  • Masks are designed with two different fabrics on the front and back, so that the wearer can identify which side of the mask was worn outward between washings.
  • Wash mask in a pillowcase or mesh bag to keep the straps from becoming tangled.
  • CDC tips and recommendations regarding cloth face coverings

Disclaimer: Cloth face coverings should not be worn by children under 3 years of age, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cover without assistance. The face covering straps pose an entanglement strangulation risk and should never be worn by an unsupervised child. Any user of this face covering assumes all risk. This face covering does is not and does not replace medical supplies or N95 masks. This face covering is not a medical device and makes no claim to prevent or cure any disease or infection. For information on reducing the transmission of pathogens, consult a health care professional. 

Made in North Dakota, USA from imported materials.

All sales final. No returns or exchanges accepted.

At this time, we are accepting USA orders only due to shipping time and cost.

Thank you. 



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