DIY backyard tent

DIY backyard tent

Posted by Carolyn on 13th Jul 2015

There's something magical about a homemade fort, isn't there? Crawling inside a cozy space made of blankets, pillows, sheets, and ingenuity is an instant hit with almost any child (and grown-up, too), and part of the fun is constructing these hideaways together.

On warm summer afternoons, where better to unleash your inner architect than in your own backyard? All you need are a few basic items, a little creativity, and a healthy dose of imagination to create a quick and easy tent that will provide hours of fun and family time.

What you need:



A few safety pins

2 large, lightweight flat bedsheets

4-6 bricks or other heavy objects

Large quilt


String a length of clothesline between two trees (or fenceposts, or even sturdy chairs—get creative!). Pin together two large, lightweight flat bedsheets (I used one King size and one Queen size because it's what I had available); hang them on the clothesline along this seam and secure with several clothespins along the length of the sheets. Anchor the bottom edges of the sheets with a few bricks or other heavy objects. Lay a quilt on the ground underneath, and enjoy your cozy tent!

Tip: If it's breezy, use more clothespins to secure the sheets to the line.  

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