What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Posted by Carolyn on 20th Mar 2017

Naming a baby is HARD. I've had four babies, and that means my husband and I have had four long, drawn out struggles over what to name them. Getting two people to agree on one name (a name, I mig … read more
Dear mama bird...

Dear mama bird...

Posted by Carolyn on 29th Jun 2015

Dear mama bird, It's been a long day, huh? Your babies were up with the sun. I heard them, outside my window, twittering like little pint-sized alarm clocks. I don't speak your language, b … read more

The fear of letting go

Posted by Carolyn on 14th Jun 2015

The baby didn't sleep last night. Again. She's really not a baby anymore, I suppose, at 16 months, cutting three molars (at once...delightful), learning to count, and running faster than her little … read more

Doula questions answered

Posted by Carolyn on 26th May 2015

Note: Part 1 of this special series on doulas can be found here. For this piece, I originally intended to interview a doula and write up something about what they do, but after connecting wi … read more

I accidentally hired a doula

Posted by Carolyn on 25th May 2015

Today for lunch, my four-year-old and I fixed macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. We like Netflix. And processed cheese. And plastic. Not exactly what you'd call “crunchy” by today's parenting standa … read more

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