Review: Bloomlife Pregnancy Contraction Tracker (discount too!)

Review: Bloomlife Pregnancy Contraction Tracker (discount too!)

Posted by Bison Booties on 27th Jun 2018

When I was expecting my third baby and my good friend Carolyn was expecting her fourth baby — we were both due in the same month! Even though we were both “veteran moms” Carolyn and I were amazed at all the cool new gadgets out there for moms and babies. So much has changed from the time we delivered our first babies, we quickly found there were so many amazing new products and tools available!

One of the must-haves we came across this time around is something called Bloomlife; it's an at-home contraction tracker that we both had the opportunity to test and review during the final weeks of our pregnancies. While Bloomlife does not in any way replace medical care from your doctor or midwife, this nifty little device gave us a better idea of what's happening in our body as it gears up for labor and delivery.
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So what is it? Bloomlife is a small sensor that attaches to your belly and syncs with your smartphone to track contractions in realtime. It's different from other contraction tracking apps because there's no need to start and stop a timer—the Bloomlife monitor does it for you by automatically detecting and recording contractions. For a couple of busy moms with older kids to tend to, we thought the hands-free aspect was really convenient.

Wearing a contraction monitor was interesting too, because it showed just how active your uterus is at the end of pregnancy. The monitor is very sensitive, so sometimes it would pick up contractions that we weren't really feeling; it's reassuring to see that even when you're not in active labor, your body is getting ready for it anyway.

Bloomlife review preganancy contraction tracker

My six-year-old daughter was really interested in what the baby was up to inside my belly, so Bloomlife was a fun tool for her to see in use, too. It made for some special bonding time for the two of us, and gave us an opportunity to talk a little about how mom's body prepares for the new baby.

Carolyn had a little glitch with her sensor that was quickly resolved with the help of Bloomlife's very friendly customer service team; it's always nice to know a company is going to help you out if you run into problems with a product, and Carolyn found Bloomlife to be exceptionally helpful.

We both thought Bloomlife was a great supplemental tool for those (long and seemingly never-ending!) final weeks of pregnancy.  

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