Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Posted by Carolyn on 4th Aug 2016

The night my daughter was born, our first nursing session happened inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Meredith had required some brief monitoring post-delivery, and I remember sitting in that wooden rocker, amused at the way her angry little fists punched the air in protest over being made to wait. But, the moment she was in my arms, she took to nursing like she was born to do it, and we went on to have a successful nursing relationship.

But the age old practice of breastfeeding has seen its fair share of change over the years—at least when it comes to how its perceived. My 93-year-old grandmother wasn't even given the option to nurse her babies after they were born; formula was the new, modern method of choice. Years later, my mother chose to breastfeed when it still wasn't very much in vogue. Today, popular opinion has swung back in favor of nursing and its benefits for mother and baby, and in the 1990s, World Breastfeeding Week was established to promote the practice.

Here at Bison Booties, our Normalize Breastfeeding Project was designed to join in the support of nursing moms (get FREE breastfeeding cards to share here). So much of what we do is centered around mothers and babies, and we love helping moms feel empowered and confident in their parenting decisions.

Our brand new Favorites Boutique is also a great resource for nursing moms:

Natursutten pacifiers are 100% natural, and are designed to satisfy the natural sucking motion of baby's mouth. 

When baby is ready to dabble in solid foods, the Spuni helps him transition from the breast to the spoon seamlessly, thanks to its unique tulip shape that triggers baby's natural latching reflex.

Chewbeads are another great tool for the nursing mom; these brightly colored silicone beads give your little one something to keeping his hands and eyes busy with while feeding.

PS: In the end, the best baby is a fed baby - and a happy mommy! :)  

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