#GiveGetGather Month Recap: THANK YOU!

#GiveGetGather Month Recap: THANK YOU!

Posted by Bison Booties on 29th Jan 2016

Bison Booties turned five in November (yay!) and we marked the milestone by turning the whole month into a #GiveGetGather celebration. We shared some of our favorite small businesses with you as part of #Gather week, passed along some amazing discounts and deals during #Get week, and invited you to join us in supporting two charities we love during #Give week.

The response for our first ever #GiveGetGather month was fantastic, and we have YOU to thank for it! For all of you who participated in a giveaway, commented and shared posts and photos, or made donations, we say a heartfelt “Thank you!”

In December, more than 50 pairs of Bison Booties and more than $750 in mom and baby necessities (donated by Bison Booties fans, Tinee & Trendee, BREA, and Once Upon a Child) were donated to Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, MN, and First Choice Clinic in Bismarck, ND. Both of these not-for-profit organizations are dedicated to supporting women and children when they need support the most, and we were thrilled to be able to contribute to both of them.

Bison Booties makes donation to Gillette Childrens Specialty Healthcare

At Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, patients are often toddlers or infants who have short- or long-term disabilities, and the pairs of Bison Booties donated to the hospital are sure to be well-loved by very deserving children. This donation was hand-delivered by Erica's cousin, whose daughter is receiving care at Gillette.

BisonBooties makes donation to Bismarck First Choice Clinic North Dakota

At First Choice Clinic, the mission is to serve as a beacon of hope for hundreds of women in the region who are pregnant and in need of support—and often have nowhere else to turn. The clinic provides counseling and education services for expectant mothers, and also has baby supplies on hand that are distributed on a “learn-to-earn” basis; thanks to the donations, those supplies now include Bison Booties.

Much of the passion behind Bison Booties is our desire to make a positive impact not only in North Dakota, but also on families all around the world. Seeing how a simple idea like #GiveGetGather month turned into a tangible benefit for so many others is just one of the reasons we feel so grateful to have connected with the customers and friends we have in our five years as a small business. There's nothing more uplifting than witnessing the good we can do together; thank you for continuing to make that possible.

Here's to the next five years!  

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