Garden Starter Tips + Giveaway

Garden Starter Tips + Giveaway

Posted by BisonBooties on 9th Mar 2017

Planting a garden with my kids is one of my all-time favorite spring traditions. There's just something about getting your hands in dirt and seeing green sprout for the first time. And then later in the summer, the satisfying (and yummy) harvest!

We get a jump-start on the season by planting some of our seeds in mini containers inside the house. Not only does this produce larger plants later in the season, it also allows my kids to see the process of the plant from seed to harvest. My kids love having this project within reach inside the house so they can help water the seeds and compete to be the first to spot a hint of green. 

Tips for starting seeds indoors:
> Make sure you have an indoor location with lots of light, preferably a south-facing window.
> Use any small container (egg carton, milk cartons, paper cups, etc). 
> Buy a good quality organic potting soil, moisten it before potting.
> After planting, cover with a clear covering to trap heat and moisture near the soil. 
> Use a spray bottle to keep the soil moist but not soggy (kids love helping with this).
> After plants are sprouting and strengthening, move them outdoors gradually for a few hours a day before planting permanently outdoors. 

Mom Tip: Visit your local library to browse and borrow children's books about gardens and spring.

It's important to me to grow our family garden with the most natural methods available, so I buy our seeds from Prairie Road Organic Seeds and use Bison Compost for our plant food; both are produced right here in North Dakota, and are Pride of Dakota companies.

Prairie Road Organic Seeds are all grown on a farm near Fullerton, ND, which has been certified organic since 1977. Not only do these seed varieties perform, they're also beautiful and delicious. 

The Bison Compost No.2 Brew Compost Tea feeds small gardens like potted blooms and patio gardens, replacing the use of chemical fertilizers. Bison Compost No. 2 Brew is incredibly easy to use, and is similar to steeping tea: simply place a No.2 brew bag in a watering can, fill with water, let it sit for 24 hours until liquid is tinted light brown, and water plants with your No.2 brew once per week or as needed. Bison Compost is made with the assistance of the bison on the North Prairie Bison Ranch in Leeds, ND. 

 Since this giveaway was so popular last year, we are excited to be teaming up again with both Prairie Road Organic Seed + Bison Compost for another Garden Starter GIVEAWAY!

One randomly selected winner will receive:
- $50 Bison Booties credit
- Bison Compost Gift Box: No.2 Brew Bison Compost (pack of 5), tote bag, garden tools and collapsible watering can
- 6 pack assortment of Prairie Road Organic Seeds
TOTAL value over $125

Bonus! The winner's tagged friend will win a 6-pack assortment of Prairie Road Organic Seeds!

Enter to win by visiting the Bison Booties Facebook page, and follow the easy entry instructions on the post with the giveaway image below. Giveaway is open to residents in the USA, where permitted by law. Giveaway ends at 6 pm on 3/11/17.
Good luck!

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