About our blog


The brand:
Our pride and joy are our soft-soled Bison Booties and slippers, handmade in Bismarck-Mandan, North Dakota.

The blog:
But our true calling is as moms. Enter: the Bison Booties Blog. Think about it—
when you're a mom, your life follows one hard and fast rule: there are no rules. Life with kids is busy. Unpredictable. Messy. Fulfilling. Frustrating. Energizing. Sporadic. It's how we see our blog, too. We write about what reflects our lives as moms—and that means it may not always seem to have rhyme or reason. It might be about hiking with a two-year-old, a movie review the next, or how we're worried about life when our babies aren't babies anymore. It's all under the umbrella of what we think it means to actually be a mother—you're maybe a little random, but you're pretty darn relatable.


I'm Erica, Bison Booties founder. Creative spirit. Lover of North Dakota. Busy mom of 2. Full of ideas!


I'm Carolyn, Bison Booties blogger and writer. Wordy girl. Lover of North Dakota. Slightly insane mom of 3. Full of enthusiasm!

Together, we have mad love for our home state of North Dakota (sense a theme here?). We are moms who aren't always sure we're doing it right (but boy, do we try!). We're marketing mavericks (Box? There is no box!). We make a great team, we love to support other small businesses and especially other moms.
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We'll be honest: our blog is in its infancy, and we're doing a bit of learning as we go. But the good thing about that? We know babies. We're moms, we're just like you, and we're all about making connections and growing something beautiful together. So don't be shy—drop us a line and let's get talking!
Erica & Carolyn

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